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Vote for Donut Worry Arizona’s “Arizona Flag Donut”

Donut Worry Arizona was selected to enter a donut in the annual Dawn Foods National Donut Day Official Donut Contest. What they were looking for was something that we already offer or something unique in relation to our State. We couldn’t think of a better opportunity to represent Donut Worry Arizona and our beautiful State by combining our delicious doughnut covered with the flag that represents the 48th State “Arizona”.

The contest is sponsored by Dawn Foods. Dawn Foods is a family company that has been creating high-quality bakery ingredients and products for nearly 100 years. From innovation to inspiration, the world’s leading bakers use Dawn Food’s ingredients to build their business.

How to Vote

The voting process is simple. Just click on the vote now button below and you will be taken to the official contest page. Once there you have to provide and confirm your email address before you vote. You only have to confirm once. Once your vote is submitted there is 24 hour waiting period before you can vote again. Voting ends October 31, 2017. We encourage our fans and customers to vote at least once a day.

If we win we will receive national recognition, support with local publicity and an all-expense paid victory celebration at our donut shop. We also get a full-page ad in Bake Magazine that announces our “Arizona Flag Donut” as the Official Donut of National Donut Day 2018.

Vote for "Arizona Flag Donut"

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About Donut Worry

Donut Worry Coffee and Smoothies has the best donuts in Arizona. Each and every donut is made from scratch by hand in-store. Our goal is to serve the best-tasting donuts in Arizona, and the only way to accomplish that is to make our donuts from scratch with the best ingredients and by hand. Donut Worry Arizona has two locations in the East Valley. We have a wide range of donuts, delicious smoothies, and fresh-made sandwiches. Of course freshly brewed coffee and ice cold drinks.

It’s All About Our Donuts

Each and every donut is made from scratch by hand in our stores every morning. We want our customers to have the best-tasting donuts and making them in-store from scratch is the only way to achieve that delicious fresh-made taste. When you bite into a Donut Worry donut you’re biting into a freshly made donut.

Fresh means fresh! Our bakers get in at midnight to begin the process of mixing, rolling, proofing and cutting each donut. Each step takes time and must be done correctly to get the best possible results. So when 5 AM comes around all the racks in the showcase are full with just made fresh donuts.

If you have any questions about voting or need assistance don’t hesitate to call us at 480-621-6600.