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19 Seconds of the Best Donuts in Arizona

Donut Worry Arizona donuts in 19 seconds. Each and every donut is made from scratch by hand daily. Our bakers get in at midnight to begin the process of making these amazingly delicious sweet treats.

Start your morning’s with the best donuts in Arizona and coffee in Arizona. Our Gilbert, AZ has a super fast, convenient and friendly drive-thru, that will get you your donuts and coffee and right back on the road.

It’s About Our Donuts

Each and every donut is made from scratch by hand in our store every morning. We want our customers to have the best-tasting donuts and making them in-store from scratch is the only way to achieve that delicious fresh-made taste. When you bite into a Donut Worry donut you’re biting into a freshly made donut.

Fresh means fresh! Our bakers get in at midnight to begin the process of mixing, rolling, proofing and cutting each donut. Each step takes time and must be done correctly to get the best possible results. So when 5 AM comes around all the racks in the showcase are full with just made fresh donuts.

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Donut Worry Arizona Has Over 200 5 Star Reviews


We tried a dozen donuts and some donut holes, great donuts!!  The plain glaze is one of the best I’ve ever had.  The glazed vanilla filled was also very good.  Apple fritter was great.   Really they were all good.  Donut holes are like the glazed, worth it!   Btw, they are $9.99 a dozen.

Andrew B.

Yelp Review


I saw this place open up next to Safeway/ panda and wanted to check it out.  Given I have a newborn and a toddler it hasn’t worked out for me to go.  Well, last week my husband ran into the grocery store to grab a few items while I sat in the car with the kids-when they both started crying and would not quit.  At my wit’s end, I got them out of the car to feed the baby and give the toddler a change of scenery.  We popped into the donut store and found a piece of heaven! My husband joined us soon after and we ended up taking a half dozen home.  The glazed vanilla was to die for, the cinnamon apple buttercream was delicious and even the plain glazed were yummy.

My husband picked up a boba tea which he thought was really good too. These are the kind of donuts you crave, the kind you’ll go out of your way to get, the ones that are still good at 6 pm at night.  I know because we got some more last night!  The only problem I see is they don’t have a drive-thru  (which would be a real problem to my pp weight loss haha).

Seriously good donuts. Try the vanilla filled, just make sure to save one for me

Savannah R.

Yelp Review