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Best Glazed Donuts in Arizona only $5.99 per Dozen

Donut Worry Arizona does have the best-glazed donuts in Arizona. All glazed donuts are NOT the same. For example, most store-bought glazed donuts have been sitting packaged in a box for days before even reaches the store for purchase. Store-bought doughnuts are either completely dried out and have little taste or they’re so heavy that you feel stuffed after just a few bites.

Donut Worry Arizona glazed donuts are made using the best ingredients and made fresh by hand daily. Our bakers get in at midnight every night to begin the process of making our delicious glazed donuts. From scratch means from scratch. From the flour to the glaze it’s all made fresh daily in our stores. Nothing is pre-made. The entire process takes 5 to 6 hours to get those delicious fluffy warm glazed donuts in the case for our customers.

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We tried a dozen donuts and some donut holes, great donuts!! The plain glaze is one of the best I’ve ever had. The glazed vanilla filled was also very good. Apple fritter was great. Really they were all good. Donut holes are like the glazed, worth it! Btw, they are $9.99 a dozen.

Gilbert, AZ

Andrew B.

Gilbert, AZ, Yelp Review

Best donuts in Arizona hands down! I would get a dozen from Safeway next door, never again. Why would anyone buy store bought donuts when you can get freshly made donuts right here on Ellsworth and Baseline in Mesa.

Carol Pickosky
5/09/17, Verified Review

Andrew B.

Gilbert, AZ, Yelp Review

Limited Time Special Offer

For a limited time, you can get a dozen glazed donuts for only $5.99. No limit! Stop by any one of our two locations in the East Valley and find out for yourself just how amazing fluffy and delicious our glazed donuts are compared to the competition. We two locations in Mesa just of the 60 Superstition Freeway on South East Corner of Ellsworth and Baseline. In the Safeway shopping center. In Gilbert on the South East Corner of Gilbert Rd and Guadalupe Rd. Conveniently located just a mile from the Superstition Freeway. Our Gilbert Donut Worry has a super fast drive-thru to get you back on the road. At our Gilbert location, you also have the option of dining in or enjoying your coffee and donuts in our cozy outside dining area. Both locations are open 7 days a week from 5 am to 5 pm.