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Weekly Contest and Giveaways by Donut Worry Arizona

Every Wednesday Donut Worry Coffee & Smoothies runs a fun contest or giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page. It is a great way to engage with our customers and the public. It also gives us an opportunity to let people who haven’t heard or seen our products get interested in our delicious donuts.

We keep the contest simple, fun and unique. With so many businesses running contest and giveaways we always try to focus on being unique! But sometimes the old “How many donut holes in a box” is always fun and we get a great response.


Guess How many People Attended our Gilbert Grand Opening?

This weeks contest ask Fans to guess how many people attended our July 28, 2017, Gilbert, Arizona Grand Opening. For a visual aid, we provide a video of Grand Opening Day. Guessing the actual amount is not impossible we provide a range of 200 – 600, from 7 am to 11 am. It is a guess but we provide hints and information so participants can make an “Informed Guess”.

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We Engage

We engage with our fans for the duration of the contest and we love it. We post pictures of the prizes (usually donuts). We respond to questions, comments or any place where a response is needed. Asking our fans what their favorite donut is? Or what is their perfect dozen donuts? Always creates good conversations with our fans and customers. It is our goal to engage with fans, we want to know what they like about our donuts, what they think about the contest or giveaway or how we can improve overall service. It really is all about our fans and customers having the best experience whether it be in our donut shops or online.

I Want the Chance to Win Free Donuts!

Playing is Free and It’s Fun. Thousands of people every week participate.

Playing is FREE