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Donut Worry Arizona is on the News Again

Sam Yin, owner of Donut Worry Arizona will be on Good Morning Arizona Saturday, August 12, 2017, around 8:20 am with Jaime Cerreta & GMAZ team. They’ll be discussing donuts, smoothies & everything DoNut Worry. Tune in this Saturday on azfamily 3TV CBS 5 Channel 3.

Donut Worry Arizona on the news again with @cerretanews and the whole #GMAZ team. Click To Tweet

This is Donut Worry Arizona’s second time on the news in the past few months. If you’re wondering why this Donut Shop on the news again look no further than their “Donuts”. (see below) It starts with freshness… donut worry coffee and smoothies makes each and every donut from scratch by hand each and every morning at their two locations in the East Valley. Only the best ingredients for Donut Worry! It’s obviously worth it. With over 200 + 5 Star Reviews and thousands of loyal customers and fan’s making the commitment to “fresh made” is paying off. There’s no mistaking the buzz “It’s all about the donuts”, but there is a second and complementary facet that goes hand in hand with their delicious donuts? Great Customer Service! Every employee at Donut Worry Arizona greets customers with a smile and commitment to serving.

The combination of great tasting fresh made donuts and amazingly friendly and courteous customer service is the reason Donut Worry has gained the trust of the public and the eye of the news media.

Delicious Donuts

chocolate long johns
fresh made maple bars
fresh made blueberry cake donuts
fresh made apple fritters

Our Donuts

Each and every donut is made from scratch by hand in our Gilbert and Mesa stores every morning. We want our customers to have the best-tasting donuts and making them in-store from scratch is the only way to achieve that delicious fresh made taste. When you bite into a Donut Worry donut you’re biting into a freshly made donut.

Fresh means fresh! Our bakers get in at midnight to begin the process of mixing, rolling, proofing and cutting each donut. Each step takes time and must be done correctly to get the best possible results. So when 5 AM comes along all the racks in the showcase are full with just made fresh donuts.

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